Check out Our Favorite Exercise of the Week!

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The lunge is a lower-body exercise that works several muscle groups at once. The targeted muscles include the glutes in your hips and butt along with the hamstrings and quadriceps in your thighs. The calf muscles in your lower legs, your abdominal muscles and your back muscles act as stabilizers during this exercise.


Stand with your feet hip-width apart, pull your abs in, and keep the spine neutral. Raise your arms in front of your chest or keep them at your sides.

Step your left foot back and bend both knees; keep left heel lifted while lowering your hips down. You’ve gone too far if you feel your lower back arch, pelvis rotate forward or front knee point inward.

Drive through your front foot and use your right hip to pull yourself to standing, placing your left foot next to your right while keeping your torso tall.

Instead of pushing off your back leg to return to the start position, focus more on your front leg.

Those are the muscles you’re activating the most when you do a lunge. Your back leg should only function as a support.

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