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Vince Arthur – Kanthaka Personal Trainer

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Vince Arthur was born and raised in Houston, Texas. He began training in martial arts at an early age, and later transitioned into amateur boxing and kick boxing. Vince re-located to Austin, Texas where he fell in love, married, and had four beautiful children. Using the physical and mental discipline he learned from martial arts, rigorous training and background he graduated from the fire academy. He worked his way to the rank of Battalion Chief.

Vince moved back to Houston in 2007 and has since retired from professional fighting to devote his time in training others to be “the best of the best”. Vince is a certified personal trainer, MMA sports conditioning specialist and a PES performance enhancement specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. In addition, Vince is a USA boxing coach, second degree black belt in Shuai Chiao, and a Shodan (1st) degree Black belt in traditional Japanese Ju-Jujitsu.

Vince talks about training his son:

“The thing I like about this particular client is that he is a hard worker. It was a difficult decision when he asked me to help. He stated, “I do not want to play O-line and I want to play running back”. He went on to say, and “I want you to train me”. I declined three times and then I finally agreed. I could not be more pleased with his efforts. He is a work horse and trains 7 days a week. His work ethic is off the charts!  He has lost forty pounds, gained lean muscle mass and increased his 40 yard speed. It is a big accomplishment regardless if he makes it to the NFL, but he has a dream he is aiming for and he never doubts himself or God. Good job son!”

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