Elena – Kanthaka Yoga Teacher

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I’m a native Houstonian. I enjoy staying in shape exercising, lifting weights, doing Pilates, Barre and yoga classes. Eating healthy is a must, but splurging occasionally is ok too.

I started practicing yoga eleven years ago. One day I felt stressed out, I went to the gym and decided to take a yoga class. I wonder what all the hype was about. I enjoyed the instructor and the class, the rest is history. I now teach that class at the same gym at the same time slot and have been for the last four and a half years.



I’ve been certified since 2011. I enjoy the change of pace teaching yoga verses my day job of being in a classroom full of children. I strive to bring some sort of peace, balance, breath and harmony to my classes and hope they take what they have on the mat off the mat into their daily life.

Book Elena for a session today and have an awesome workout!

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