The Best Post Workout Snacks

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Protein Shake
If you want some protein fast, you can’t go wrong with a simple, straightforward protein shake. Whether you opt for whey protein or vegetarian/vegan powder, you can combine the big boost of protein with any number of add-ins, like fruit, peanut butter, and the milk of your choice.


Greek Yogurt
Plain, low-fat Greek yogurt is the perfect post workout food. It does not have any fat and has a high amount of protein and vitamin D, which is good for rebuilding muscles. The potassium from the banana and the antioxidants from the dark chocolate chips make this snack the ultimate nutrient combination that will leave you feeling full and recharged.

Greek yogurt

Serve ’em up any way you like—scrambled, over easy, poached, sunny side up, or even just hard-boiled—eggs are packed with protein and nutrients. (Contrary to what nutritionists believed in the the 1990s and early 2000s, the yolks of eggs are perfectly good for you.) Plus, they’re a versatile food at any time of the day—serve them with a slice of toast, some peppers and onions, a good-fat-rich avocado, or even some lean turkey for an added dash of protein.


Sweet Potatoes
Protein alone doesn’t cut it. To power intense workouts, the body breaks down muscle glycogen—your energy reserves—so you’ll need wholesome, plant-based carbohydrates afterward if you’re going to be in shape for the next sweat session. Your best bet? Sweet potatoes. Turns out, under the usual butter and cream, these humble roots are actually a bonafide superfood, complete with three days’ worth of vitamin A and 26 grams of carbohydrates to restore your glycogen supply. Plus, each vegetable contains a healthy dose of fiber, keeping you full—and far away from the gym vending machine.

What is your favorite after-workout snack?

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