Jared Vinoverski – Kanthaka Personal Trainer

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Interview with one of our great Houston trainers:

 – Why did you decide to become a personal trainer?
I’ve been an athlete my entire life, so the working out aspect has been very natural for me. I’ve always wanted to stay in shape and treat my body right for as long as I live, and I know that other people share that same passion. I wanted to teach people everything that I know, and also coach them in a way that is realistic and sustainable not just in training, but in nutrition as well.

 – What does the usual session with a nutrition coach look like?
Just like every consultation, it’s me getting to know you. The more I know, the more I can develop and implement a realistic plan to help you form healthy nutritional habits day in and day out. It’s all going to depend on your goals, lifestyle, schedule, and what they enjoy and don’t enjoy eating. It’s a plan tailored for YOU! After that, we stay in touch and make any adjustments necessary for you to keep improving moving forward.

 – What was your best transforming experience with a client?
I’ve always had great experiences with most of my clients, but one that sticks out is an older guy, just over 50 years old. His busy work schedule every week made it very hard for him to get in shape when I first met him. After getting him to adjust his priorities and fix his eating habits, his training with me was unmatched. Not only did he work hard with me, but he made an effort to stay dialed into his diet outside of the gym, and the results were outstanding. We worked well together as a team and together we managed to cut his body fat from 28% to 13%, dropping over 40 pounds of weight, while also adding 10 pounds of muscle, all within less than 6 months!

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