Meet our new Fitness Trainer Daphne Arrington!

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I began my own Personal Transformational journey in 2014 after feeling depressed, overweight, and struggling to maintain my passion for helping Stroke patients while working in Memorial Hermann hospitals in various locations. I begin feeling like I could end up as my patients and a victim to the Hospital system because I was seeing more and more women close to my age and some even younger in the hospital.


Now, at 42 years old, and after losing over 85 lbs on my own Personal Transformation journey, I become Passionate about sharing my learning experiences with using a Holistic approach to Health & Fitness. I pursued several certifications and began a new career as a Fitness Professional to add to my Occupational Therapy background of 14 years in Rehabilitation.

My desire is to help other women, as the primary caretakers in the family, to improve their Health & the health of their families, with a Holistic Lifestyle Change and Excercise through Dance, Fitness, & Yoga programs to Heal in Mind, Body, & Soul.

Are you looking to lose some pounds and become a happier, healthier you? Book one of our awesome personal trainers with only a few tabs on the app to any location you want.


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