8 Healthy Drinks You Should Add to Your Diet

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We all know sugary and fizzy drinks can wreak havoc on our health, and they are found everywhere. From TV commercials promoting diet soda to the enticing menu presented to us at our favorite restaurant, artificially sweetened drinks lie everywhere.

The good news is  there are many more healthy drinks for you to choose from than you might think — so you won’t go astray from your health goals. These beverages can not only do your health great favors, but can spice up your palette so you won’t grow bored and throw in the towel to living a healthier lifestyle.


1. Beet Juice

The lusciously deep red vegetable will do your liver some good. Bursting with magnesium, iron and calcium, with zero trans and saturated fats, it blends surprisingly well with everything from oranges to apples to berries.



2. Chia Seed Drinks

Small in size but big on the good stuff, chia seeds are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, fibre, protein, calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc and, if that wasn’t enough, chia seeds also help you feel and stay hydrated thanks to their ability to soak up to 10 times their weight in water.


3. Kombucha

There’s more to celebrate than just that tell-tale fizz of a kombucha drink. The trendy drink has been dubbed the “Champagne of Life” for its gut-friendly probiotics that help improve digestion and keep you regular.


4. Coconut Water

Why You Should Drink It:Nature’s own energy drink, coconut water is loaded with magnesium and has an amazing ability to deliver ultra-hydrating electrolytes in one tasty, low calorie beverage.


5. Cranberry Juice

Research suggests that the same anti-bacterial properties that help fight off urinary tract infections may also protect against gum disease. Look at the label to ensure you’re getting 100 percent juice and not a “juice drink” or “cocktail,” and start sipping.

Two glasses of pomegranate juice with fresh fruits on wooden table

6. Pomegranate Juice

Why You Should Drink It:Pomegranate juice is swimming with good-for-you antioxidants that can help prevent inflammation, heart disease and might even help naturally lower cholesterol.


7. Kale Juice

The superfood that pushed every other superfood to the side, kale is popular for a reason. This cruciferous veg packs a big nutritional punch and clocks in at 1,000 percent of the recommended daily intake of vitamin K, 98 percent of vitamin A and 71 percent ofvitamin C.


8. Lemon Water

Swapping your morning java for a cup of hot water with lemon will not only keep you from feeling sluggish from an early morning sugar and caffeine high, it also helps stimulate digestion and flush out the liver. Feeling a cold coming on? Double up on another wedge of vitamin C-heavy lemon to amp up your immune system.

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