7 Fitness Myths You Need to Forget

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There are so many do’s and don’t’s when it comes to exercising, and sometimes it’s almost impossible to figure out which advice to follow and which advice is best left ignored. Often, the advice you’ll hear from one person may contradict the advice you’ll hear from someone else and this can be quite discouraging at times.

Here are 7 myths you really need to forget:

Myth #1: The best time for a workout is in the morning.

This is most definitely not true. The best hours for a workout are the hours that you feel ready to exercise. It doesn’t matter if you prefer working out in the gym in the evenings or if you prefer to go for a run before heading to work in the morning. What matters is consistency. Studies show that there is no real difference between morning and evening workouts.

Myth #2: You can skip a few weeks of exercising and you’ll still be in shape.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work this way. Most people will lose muscle tone after just a one-week break from working out. So, even when you achieve the results you strived for, you shouldn’t give up exercising entirely.

Myth #3: Either a marathon or nothing. Long-distance is the only way to go.

Not true. The people who prefer short distances have the same heart condition as those who run marathons. Besides, light exercises like jogging or even walking are better for the body. The heart and the vascular system can adjust to your workouts.

Myth #4: A treadmill is better than a park.

Jogging in the fresh air and on a treadmill is not the same even if you cover the same distances. Running against the wind makes a very important group of muscles work and it burns 10% more calories than running on a treadmill.

Myth #5: Only dairy products contain calcium.

The myth that dairy products have a lot of calcium is very outdated. However, there are definitely other foods that are packed with calcium. Broccoli, sesame seeds, and spinach are a great substitution for dairy products that aren’t always as healthy as we’re used to believing.

Myth #6: Running damages your knees and ankles.

This misconception doesn’t have any proof to back it up. According to the latest studies, running doesn’t do any harm to your legs but it actually makes them stronger and less susceptible to injuries.

Myth #7: Protein bars are a great substitution for oatmeal.

This is another myth. A protein bar is processed food that requires fewer calories to digest, so it’s less useful. Bars can only be a snack but not a substitution for oatmeal or any other cereal.

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