Healthy Drinks to Get Your Morning Started

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healthy drinks

There are healthier alternatives to drinking coffee, energy drinks or soda, especially if you want to have naturally sustainable energy throughout the day, instead of a high that perks you up but makes you crash in the afternoon. When sugar levels are stable, then you can avoid these periods of highs and lows and be more even-keeled in the way you feel mentally and physically. Here are healthier alternatives than coffee to get your day going.



Warm Water with Lemon

This is a great way to rehydrate and alkalinize your body and perk up after sleep. It also detoxifies the liver and helps get your bowels going. This really should be the first thing everyone sips in the morning.



Coconut Water

Coconut water is Mother Nature’s perfect drink. It has an abundance of electrolytes and minerals while being low in fat and sugar. This is the best alternative to an energy or sports drink, and can really give you a burst of energy in the morning.



Aloe Water

This is very refreshing and has tons of benefits ranging from detoxification and alkalinization of the body, to being high in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. This drink has immune boosting qualities that will help you resist illness. Drinking a glass of this in the morning will reinvigorate you.



Quinoa Milk

This protein-rich naturalenergy drink may soon make its way into the stores, be prepared almond and soy and coconut milks, it’s the next big health thing! Quinoa is a gluten-free, alkaline-forming, high-protein grain that has tremendous health benefits.



Pomegranate Juice

This has a sweet and tangy flavor that can perk you up. Combine it in a blender with spirulina, soy milk, bananas, and berries and now you have an uber-energy drink that will make you feel like a superhero.



Protein Shake with Banana and Berries

Who doesn’t enjoy a yummy protein smoothie? It is a terrific way to load up with energy and nutrition. Use almond, soy, or coconut milks and your choice of a good quality protein powder. Throw in some bananas and berries which add heaps of extra minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that are sure to fill you up and get you going for the grueling day ahead.


Ginseng Tea

This tea is known to increase focus and concentration while also curing fatigue issues. It is a great tea to provide stimulation for the brain, which is what we need after we wake up.


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