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Meet Our Personal Trainer – Desmond Howard

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Growing up playing football was all I could ever think about doing for the rest of my life. It was the only thing that I thought about when I woke up & everything revolved around football. I fell in love with the game when I was 8 years old on a Sunday night watching the Baltimore Ravens play the Pittsburgh Steelers. The game was intense hard hitting smash mouth football & I immediately was hooked.

My first year playing football in high-school everything just came naturally on the field. Playing the game felt like I was meant to be doing this. I showed a lot of promise after 2 years of playing & attending several camps I was officially on the Map, many big D1 schools & D1AA , such Stanford, NC State, Virginia, and West Virginia among many others. Going into my junior year though I ended up tearing my ACL, which was a major set back for me as an athlete. My senior year comes around there was a lot of adversity.  I wasn’t the same player, most of the big time schools backed off, & I had no idea how to garner more interest. So I decided to attend UB for 2 years I traveled a hand full of times but wasn’t happy. So I decided to transfer, I ended up at a D3 school called buffalo state where I was captain for 2 years, helped lead my team to 2 post season berths which was the 1st in 10 plus years.

After my college career I received a decent amount of Pro scouts looking at me, had several CFL teams pretty interested but didn’t happen. That’s when I was introduced to Arena football where o played 2 years, my rookie season in Omaha,NE & my second season in Albuquerque, NM. The opportunity to be a pro athlete had always been my dream & to have finally achieved that goal was the best thing in my life! Recently I’ve made the transition to be a personal trainer. Why? Because it’s my passion to give back, I want to help others accomplish there goals in life whatever it may be toning, weight loss, anything. I feel that my experiences throughout my career dealing with a lot of adversity & gaining & losing weight constantly I can relate to anyone because losing weight is hard & many people may feel like it’s an adverse situation which is certainly something I’m used to if you’ve read this story. So please let me help you, crush your fitness goals & let’s make this happen together.

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