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Squats are a functional exercise – ones that help your body perform real life activities – and are one of the best and most natural ways of toning your body. Contrary to what some may think, squats aren’t just for body builders or weight lifters; they’re for everyone wanting to tone up at any age and they can be done anywhere, at any time, without the need for specific equipment. Some people even say that squatting is the best exercise you can do.
Check out these 10 ways that squats can improve your life.

1. Build Core Strength

The muscles, bones, and joints that link your upper and lower body are known as the core. This is probably the most important muscle group in the body and should be the top area to work on when embarking on an exercise plan.

2. Improve Your Daily Life & Physical Abilities

Naturally, with all of these improvements, daily tasks such as getting up from a seated position or lifting objects will become easier which is especially important for later in life.
In addition, squats are perfect for cardio and sports that involve the lower body. They’ll help you move and play longer.

3. Improve Posture and Mobility

Squats develop a strong core and enhanced musculature on your legs which can give you added mobility and flexibility not to mention a much better posture.

4. Improves Your Speed and your Ability to Jump

Due to improved strength in your body’s lower extremities, the ability to produce power is improved. As a result, your acceleration and jumping ability is improved. Great for your tennis game!

5. Can be done anywhere

To do bodyweight squats, you don’t need any equipment. All you need is your body and enough room to lower your hips into a sitting position.
And, if you’re pressed for time, you can still benefit many muscle groups by doing 50 squats a day: Try doing 25 in the morning and 25 at night. As you get stronger, add 25 to the afternoon.

6. Help Get Rid of Cellulite

As well as increasing blood flow to your joints, squats also get blood pumping to your thighs.
Some studies have shown that cellulite is caused by poor circulation as well as the buildup of pockets of fat.
Doing squats can reverse the process that leads to cellulose, and enhance the appearance of your hips, thighs, belly, and butt.

7. Squats Reduce your Chance of Injury

Boosting the muscles surrounding your knees and hips is a quick method to reduce your chance of injury when jumping, running, and doing almost any activity. Squats build your glutes, hamstrings, and quad muscles—primary stabilizers when you’re cutting and moving on the playing field. Include both single and double leg varieties to help bullet-proof your lower body.

8. Keeps Bones Strong

Squatting is an axial loading exercise, which helps to keep your body healthy and strong. “This is great not only for young adults but especially for older demographics and people who have a low bone density to help them stay healthy and prevent injury.

9. A Low Impact Exercise

Many exercises can play havoc with your back, ankles and knees as they are so high impact but squats are the total opposite.
They have been shown to cause no damage to knees if done correctly, with some studies showing that they can even strengthen the knees. This is true regardless of whether you’re engaging in deep or parallel squats – at least according to one piece of research.

10. Boost Confidence

When you gain strength your confidence improves, specially with big movements like the squat. Why more with this lift? Well if you’re progressing your squat strength, then you know two things for a matter of fact. First, you’re improving your body’s musculature as a whole – you’re not adding weight to your squat without making the body strong holistically. Second, you’re becoming more athletic by building strength, which improves your ability to be fast and powerful.

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