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The first crucial step to any fitness journey is of creating and sticking to a schedule. For most of us, this can be joining a gym or any fitness class that helps us stay motivated and on track. While joining a gym can be scary and does require encouragement, it is important to remember your aim. Here are a few tips for gym beginners on how they can ace their fitness journey.

Tip 1: Start Small

You finally decide to sign up for a gym membership, and start getting in shape. You’re feeling good about your decision to be proactive with your goals as you step into your new gym for the first time. You stroll past the cardio equipment and enter the weight room, only to have your confidence shot down by the room full of lean, toned Megan Fox and incredibly muscular Hulk look-a-likes chomping, grunting and grinding to the bit as they move from one alien spaceship looking machine to the next, pounding out set after set of exercises you’ve never even seen before.
Slow down. Take a deep breath.

Tip 2: Have a Goal

Knowing that you want to get in shape or develop a more disciplined exercise routine is a great start, but it’s probably going to be really hard to make any real progress until you find a specific goal that you want to work toward. Maybe you want to lose 10 pounds, maybe you want to gain 10 pounds of muscle, maybe you want to be able to squat twice your bodyweight. Whatever it may be, find a goal and make it specific. Write down your goal, post it on your social media, tell your friends, or do whatever else you have to do to make it official, and start working towards it. I don’t mean start tomorrow, or next week, or when your schedule clears up. Set a goal, and start now! Once you have your goal established, start putting in the work to reach your goal as soon as possible! The longer you put it off, the less likely it will become that you actually achieve your goal. You can modify the goal once you start, or find a new goal once you reach this one, but it will become much easier to stay motivated at the gym if you can have a goal to keep in mind as you step in the gym before every workout.

Tip 3: Make Fitness a Habit

Going to the gym once is definitely a great start, but you won’t see positive changes in your mind and body unless you make hitting the gym a habit. I know it might sound like an impossible task, especially if you feel you have a full day already, but working out 3-4 times each week for at least three weeks is absolutely essential to your budding success. Building lifelong habits takes time, but once you’ve built those habits into your daily schedule you’ll notice that missing them is irritating.

Tip 4: The Weights Area Isn’t For Guys Only

It can be intimidating walking into a part of the gym where it is heavily dominated by guys that can lift heavy weights, but don’t worry you can still get in there and smash your workout too. As soon as you realise that your confidence is just lacking purely based on not knowing what to do, all you have to do is get educated. Ever since I have educated my clients on how to do something and what kit they need, they have transformed from being too scared to leave the cardio section to wandering in the most popular and more male dominated parts of the gym without batting an eye-lid. The gym is for EVERYONE to use, it’s for EVERYONE to get better, fitter, faster and stronger!

Tip 5: You Don’t Have to do Something if You Don’t Enjoy it

If you are following a programme and you really don’t enjoy it or you are doing something someone else told you to do and you hate it… just stop and do something else. As soon as you build a negative perception of the gym you will find any excuse to not go. You should love the process, yes the workouts will be hard but you should still enjoy it. Some feel like a superhero when they perform certain exercises so make sure you do more of that style of training so you feel like that more often.

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