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If nothing else, COVID-19 has put some new buzzwords on everyone’s tongue. The biggest ones are probably “quarantine,” “isolation,” and “social distancing.” But what do these terms mean and how do you know if you’re doing them properly? Just as importantly, how can we get that human connection we all need while still staying apart from each other?

With that in mind, we put together a list of ways to connect right now, to keep boredom and isolation at bay:

The classic phone call

Create a time for all of your friends and family to connect. For instance, make a video call to your family at breakfast, while you both can have breakfast at the same time but in different places. This will help you feel connected and happy that you are not alone.

Host Virtual Events

A number of people had birthdays and weddings planned for these months, which unfortunately will not be taking place in large gatherings any more since Coronavirus is spreading pretty quickly.
But that should not stop you from celebrating your happiness through virtual forums, right? You can plan virtual events, invite several people to join you online, and just have a ball!

Create a Netflix Party

Before being locked down in isolation, everyone had movie nights with family and friends, where you would eat popcorn while you watch and laugh together. Since you cannot do that anymore, this is something that is missed by many these days. Here is a piece of good news for you. You can still do that virtually by creating a Netflix Party. It is something not everyone is aware of. You can create a Netflix party with your family and friends, and even when you are physically distant, you can virtually enjoy a movie night together.

Host a virtual game night

Line up a few friends or couples and break out a trivia game. Make your own snacks, get your own drinks ready, divide up into teams and do your best to conquer.

Make some fun future plans with pals

You aren’t jetting off to Europe anytime soon but why not put together your dream trip with your favorite travel buddies. Planning travel or local outings that you want to do together when the crisis is over is a great way to tap into anticipation and positive emotion. Dream up which restaurants you will dine at and what you will eat, the essential landmarks to see, and all of the excursions that you want to embark upon while you are out of town. The trip will be waiting for you when the coronavirus pandemic dies down.

Create fun, new ways to interact with friends and family

It’s evident that social media has become a lifeline for many of us. You’ve probably noticed that people who swore off Facebook are now more active than ever. What’s cool is that we’re starting to use social platforms in more creative and genuine ways. From dance classes to DJ sets, live storytime sessions to virtual tours, we’re discovering unique ways to stay connected and engaged.

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