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Running keeps you in shape while never getting bored, and lets you enjoy the great outdoors and reap the benefits of three complementary sports.

With triathlon, you can say goodbye to the day-to-day training grind since you constantly switch between sports to give your entire body a great workout. This outdoor sport is perfect for anyone who wants a new challenge and to discover new surroundings with family or friends.


Swimming, cycling and running are three sports that complement each other, letting you work all your muscles, not to mention your breathing and endurance.
Plus, two of them – swimming and cycling – are weight-supported sports, meaning they lower the impact on your joints. It doesn’t get better than that!

A social event

Sports offer participants the chance to meet other like-minded people and find some common ground. Whether you train for a triathlete alone or enlist the help of a training partner, you’ll find the camardarie within the triathlon world is one of the best in sport.

Increase in productivity

Regularly training helps to clear the mind and makes you more focussed within your daily life. You’ll return to your day feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the tasks ahead of you, essentially, as your body becomes stronger your mind will follow.

A stress reducer

Regular exercise has been proven to reduce stress in people’s daily lives. Training hard for an event will involve a certain deal of pressure to your body, both mentally and physically, but it will also in time help you to become more mentally resilient towards life in general.

Variety of events

Triathlons promote events of all distances, so the sport is accessible to all. In 2014, there were 1407 registered events within the UK with entrants from all sorts of backgrounds. Some of the shorter events involve just a 200m swim, 10km cycle and 2km run – which can be completed well inside an hour.


Nothing is boring when it comes to a triathlon, especially because you have to prepare for three different sports in a single race! As a result, your preparation workout won’t be routinary. If today you plan to develop your swimming, you can do running tomorrow, and then biking the day after that.


The toughness of doing a triathlon is no joke, and so when people see that you can do it, they might be prompted to convince themselves that they can accomplish it as well. As you put your effort and boldness to finish a triathlon, this will create a naturally inspiring story for people to lead them towards aiming for better health and achieving the (seemingly) impossible.

Hopefully, we provided some knowledge and understanding of the benefits of triathlon. We are always striving to give exposure to certain Kanthaka locations that are working overtime to raise more exposure for these issues. Our location in San Antonio has made a concrete effort to raise awareness of why you should take up triathlon. Our personal trainers and yoga instructors can help you get in  shape for events like these.

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