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Whatever your goals may be, they require a consistent level of training for you to reach them. One way to ensure consistency within the scope of your goals is to build a program. Most programs are designed to be followed for a set amount of time, typically about 4 weeks. Depending on the desired goal, the program will have a different focus—hypertrophy, endurance, strength, and so on.

Create Habits

Changing your habits is about establishing a ‘new normal’ so that healthy living becomes your way of life rather than something you either do or don’t do, depending on which phase of your ‘yo-yo cycle’ you’re in.


Mental Health

A consistent workout regimen reduces stress and increases your mental well being. When you work out regularly, your body releases endorphins that enhance your mood. You have probably experienced these positive feelings after finishing a cardiovascular workout. You might also find that when you go for days or weeks of not exercising, your energy level decreases and your mood is not as heightened.


Sticking to a regular exercise regimen will keep you feeling revived both physically and mentally. When you exercise with consistency, your muscles will develop gradually and your mind will experience reduced levels of stress and greater relaxation.


Dig deep

You have to start with a solid base of consistency before you add spontaneity to the mix. To make those healthy behaviors stick, identify a higher purpose for them-something that will give you the psychological push you need to follow through. To come up with them, consider this: How will your routine enhance your life? For instance, if spending more time with friends is important to you, a morning exercise routine can free up your evenings for get-togethers. Then when your mind starts to think of excuses, you’ll have a ready retort that will help propel you forward. (Use a “cyclical mindset” to make reaching goals simpler.)


Find your wiggle room

Once you’ve gotten into a groove with your routine, allow yourself to deviate from it. Otherwise, without any flexibility, the smallest disruption can feel like failure. Giving yourself some room to play increases your dedication overall. So plan ahead. Expect that things will spontaneously happen to change your schedule. Devise a strategy to accommodate them. Having a plan B for when last-minute dinner invites throw off your eating routine (such as deciding to treat the dinner out as a reward and eating a light, healthy breakfast the next morning) lets you embrace the interruptions and see them as happy surprises.


What does a perfect workout schedule mean?

Every body is different, and there is a different way to work out every different body type. So, while there is no perfect workout schedule that can fit everyone, there are certain basic things that need to be incorporated into your plan to have perfect results. These include a few minutes to warm up, 20 minutes for cardio, and then additional time to cool down the body. If you require strength training, there should be a separate time allotted to it.


How can consistency improve your health?

So, you have your fitness plan in place. Now, you need to be very particular and committed to it. Avoid missing out on the plan and diet unless very necessary. Only in the worst case scenarios should you skip a step or a day. And once skipped, don’t think you can cover up for it the next day. You skipped your workout today, so you double up your workout tomorrow. This is very wrong thinking! Doing so will only lead to stress on your body, and you may start feeling sore, stressed out, and drained. A steady workout and gradual increase in intensity helps muscles, tendons, and ligaments to adjust to the challenges of a fitness regimen; thus helping you to stay fit and healthy. Also, a consistent workout will reduce stress, and improve your mental health as well. This will help you stay in a good and positive mood, rather than the irritated mood that you could be in while you are stressed and drained out.


How to make a long-term commitment?

Making a long-term commitment to your fitness goals has never been easier. Getting your 36-session package with one of our awesome Kanthaka personal trainers will be more than enough not only to see the results you want, but to go one step forward. Even if you haven’t been trained by a personal trainer before or haven’t trained at all, long term commitment – PAYS OFF. Our trainers will make sure to adapt the program to your fitness level. Once you start, just watch your form and fitness level grow with each session. Your goals are closer than you think.

We now offer our 36 session package to our clients, because we want you to achieve more. Personal training is always tricky, whether it’s starting out or making a committed effort to reaching your goals, Kanthaka is here to make your fitness journey a great one!

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