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Finding time to make a meal on busy days can seem impossible. However, skipping a meal can make you feel tired and sluggish. That’s because your body needs a steady stream of nutrients to run properly. There are also better – and healthier – options than making a detour to your local fast-food restaurant. That’s where meal replacement smoothies come in. They’re quick, easy, and, with the right ingredients, they can satisfy your hunger for hours so you can power through the busiest days like a boss.

1. Body Detox Smoothie

This detox smoothie made with plenty of healthy fruits and veggies is a great example of what to treat your body to after a hearty holiday eating season. Instead of the typical banana, use pineapple to sweeten and thicken the smoothie. Just add 1/4 cup almond milk to the blender then add spinach, apple, carrot, clementine, chia seeds, and fresh ginger if using.

2. Anti-Bloat Smoothie

Too much junk food can cause bloating; it’s a routine issue with young women of today. Too much of salt can also lead to this condition. Here is a delicious drink to kick out that bloat. Put half a cucumber, one banana, half a cup of coconut water, a little ginger and some apple cider vinegar into the mixer and take out your anti-bloat elixir. Kale is an optional ingredient, if you prefer it, add it. Cucumber is full of water, banana and coconut water loaded with potassium, ginger aids digestion and apple cider vinegar prevents gas and bloating, this is a magic concoction and does wonder to cure your tummy from bloating.

3. Clear Skin Detox Smoothie

A detox internally flushes out the toxins leading to a healthy body which results in clear skin and healthy hair too. Yet we do have smoothies which are very specific to ones seeking a remedy for skin problems. This smoothie is made out of half a bell pepper, half a cucumber, one apple, two carrots, half a lemon and half a cup mineral water. The resulting blend should be had every day for a week, it fills you up easily, hence you can cut down on your meal size while you consume this. If you are riddled with what to do for your acne ridden or dull, patchy skin? This is your go-to smoothie.

4. Multi-Nutrients Smoothie

Loaded with vitamins and minerals that you may be missing out in your daily diet, here is a green smoothie that can be the perfect supplement. We repeat that using only fresh organic green vegetables and fruits gives a major plus. Get anything green that you like, it can be cucumber, some spinach, celery, avocado, Mint or fruits like Kiwi and green apple. Blend it all together with mineral water and add half a lemon, you have one of the best drinks on earth, right on your table. Green smoothies have been recommended worldwide because they soothe the system and also help add vital nutrients to your diet.

5.  No Fat Smoothie

The goodness of antioxidants with almost no fat and real low calories comes the Kale No Fat Smoothie. Kale is not a favorite for many but it is packed with goodness for your body. A pear with some kale, half a cup of coconut water and a little ginger, the blend that comes out is beneficial for your digestive system and is an incredible cleanser. You can have this more than once a day because even though it fills you up, it is extremely low in calories and you do not have to worry about added inches.

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