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If you’re feeling the aftermath of an intense workout or feel like there’s no way you can power through a workout after leg day, we got you covered. Feeling sore is a part of getting back into the fitness game, but even the most seasoned athletes feel sore after a good workout.


This tried-and-true recovery activity not only increases flexibility, but it also teaches proper breathing techniques and body control. In addition, an easy yoga flow also promotes blood flow to help repair your broken-down muscle tissues.


Taking your workout to the pool is a great low-impact exercise option. Swimming allows your body to be weightless, relaxes your joints, and stretches your body in ways you wouldn’t be able to on land. In addition, the water pressure helps improve circulation in the muscles, blood vessels, and heart.


To brighten your mood while working your muscles, head outside for some fresh air. Studies on the topic suggest nature may have direct and positive impacts on well-being. In addition, spending time in the great outdoors may reduce rumination (having repetitive negative thoughts about oneself) and support mental health. And compared to walking down a flat sidewalk or road, hiking on uneven terrain will work a wider variety of muscles and challenge your glutes, core, and ankle strength more.

Steady-state cycling

Running not your thing? Get in some steady-state cardio by cycling instead. Hop on a bike (stationary or moving) and pedal away for a low-impact form of exercise—it lets you get in some cardiovascular exercise without all that pounding on your joints. This is a great way to improve circulation to the lower body, and it can be done at low intensities.

Light resistance training

Yes, you can still lift on your easy day if you want to. In fact, performing high-rep exercises with a light weight (light as in about 30 percent of the heaviest weight you could use) helps stimulate blood flow and supply nutrients to the working tissue without straining or tearing them down. Pick five to eight exercises to create a full-body circuit, and perform each move for 40 seconds, followed by 20 seconds of rest. Repeat for a total of three to four rounds. As a bonus, you can use these light training sessions to work on perfecting your exercise form. While light lifting can be a great active recovery method for some, you probably want to skip it if you’re feeling too sore from your last workout.


Take this ‘90s throwback for a spin. Doing your cardio on skates helps challenge your brain and motor skills in a different way, promotes blood flow and circulation, and improves heart health. Rollerblading is also a fantastic, low-impact cross-training option, and since it likely works different muscle groups than the exercises you’re used to, can help you avoid overuse injuries. Plus, there’s no denying it’s fun!

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