Summer Body challenge at Station Houston!

Check out our Summer Body challenge at Station Houston last Friday, sponsored by Vert Solar Finance. Special thanks to Vert for having us set up the challenge and Station Houston for letting us use their labs. If you also want…
June 13, 2017

10 Fun Fitness Facts

You are never too old to build muscle. Age is no barrier to getting stronger.   A muscle dehydrated by a mere 3% will have a decrease in strength of 10%. Always have water handy when exercising, it’s the most…
June 1, 2017

Check out our new yoga instructor, Olesya Webb.

  Her background comes from being a gymnast turned professional cirque performer. She relied on yoga as an active recovery tool to help her joints and muscles feel loose between grueling rehearsals. Her mission is to make every student feel…
May 30, 2017

Meet Courtney, our Awesome Yoga Instructor!

We are happy to introduce our new certified yoga instructor, Courtney. She is a health enthusiast and holistic health coach, who’s excited to share the power of yoga with you. Courtney says that “being healthy is not about a shape…
May 26, 2017

Start building a life you love.

The secret to getting ahead is getting started. Let that “one day” be today and stop holding yourself back. Remember that success depends on your mindset and attitude. You’re the only person in charge of the change you need in…
May 25, 2017

Kanthaka yoga session at Midtown Arbor Place.

Check out our Kanthaka yoga session at Midtown Arbor Place, with our amazing trainer Olesya Webb. If you also want us to arrange a group session at your apartment, company or with your friends just contact us at, or if…
May 24, 2017

Get Your Body Ready For The Summer

With June ahead of us, the month that indicates the end of Spring and the start of summer, we’re pretty confident that the majority of you will be in the midst of your summer body workout – if that’s what…
May 23, 2017