Why Kanthaka?

Anytime. Anywhere. Anybody.

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Do you travel for business or work crazy or unpredictable hours? Are you a busy mom or a student who never knows when you can sneak in your next workout? Do you just love working out and want to try something new? Then use our app to book a session anytime, anywhere, with any of our trainers.

Affordable prices to book your own fitness instructor.

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Our goal is to give everyone access to live a healthier lifestyle. No more lost time traveling to the gym, your trainer comes to you at your office, apartment gym, park, hotel or home. Download our app, pick your time/place and have a great workout!

All our trainers are screened for certifications and insurance.

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At Kanthaka, it is most important to us to provide a safe environment where everyone has an excellent experience. Not only are Kanthaka trainers certified and insured, but they are passionate about fitness and helping you transform your mind and body!

The app will track your personal workout diary and daily food journal.

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After each session your trainer will log your exercise stats in the app. You also have the ability to track your lifestyle and eating habits through the Kanthaka food journal.

What training does Kanthaka offer?

General Training

General Training





Pre/Post Natal

Pre/Post Natal Exercise



Pay by the session – no monthly or yearly fee.
Or sign up for one of our Challenges for an affordable package of sessions.

Single Session

30 Minute $40
45 Minute $50
60 Minute $60
Heading Line


Heading Line
Biggest Looser

Biggest Loser

Body In Shape


Are you looking for motivation to get in better shape and become a healthier person?

If so, sign up with Kanthaka and start your journey to a happier and healthier you!

At Kanthaka we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to live a healthier lifestyle. With our app, anybody will have the ability to workout with certified health & wellness experts and be motivated to achieve their goals.

Along your journey with us you have the choice of single-sessions, packages, and the ability to compete against the Kanthaka community for rewards. Feel free to book the same trainer multiple times, or switch it up and meet someone new, the option is yours.

Becoming healthier, gaining confidence and achieving all of your goals is now in the palm of your hands. Sign up now, Kanthaka would love to help with your journey!

30 Minutes
45 Minutes
60 Minutes

Security and Quality

Safety is our highest concern. To insure a quality experience in a safe environment we have interviewed all our trainers in person and they are all certified (or have a degree in Kinesiology) and insured. Safety is of our highest concern. To insure a quality experience in a safe environment we have screened all our trainers. WIth each trainer we conduct an interview and a background check.After each session we ask the client to rate the session. If any trainer receives a rating below 4-stars they will be removed from the roster.

Our Trainers

Our trainers are all handpicked, certified, and insured. We met with each of them in person and conduct a trial session. Each trainer brings basic equipment, so you only need to bring yourself.

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