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Stay active with 1 on 1 sessions with certified Personal Trainers and Yoga Instructors anywhere you want.

In-Home personal training allows you to get more of your time back and retain all the quality of a live personal trainer.

Physical training – referred to as physical activity, personal training, performance training, exercise, strength training, and weight training has a rich and lengthy history. Some of the earliest records of physical training are drawings on the walls of a funerary chapel in Beni-Hassan in Egypt (estimated at about 4500 years ago).

However, an actual career in personal training is a relatively new concept. True, the ancient Greeks, Romans, and other past civilizations had their athletic traditions but those were mostly focused on keeping people fit for combat – not for the individual themselves. Exercising for health and hiring fitness experts is a new practice less than a century old.

The 1990’s were where we first saw the personal training certificate being created, leading to an actual sustainable job path. Today, we have many different certifications and excellent experts who do wonders for people’s fitness and health. And now with the advent of technology, Kanthaka offers you the most quality training program to date.



At Kanthaka, we know that people are busy. It’s not always easy to hit the gym right after work when everybody is flooding the gym and wants to hop on your machine or the dumbbells you were gunning for. This is why our trainers come to you! Signing up literally take seconds. You open the app, select your preferred trainer, preffered time, and relax till your selected trainer comes to you in the comfort of your own home!

In-Home personal training allows you to get more of your time back and retain all the quality of a live personal trainer. The trainer is able to focus on one single person – YOU! And not be distracted by the noise and traffic pollution of a traditional big box gym. You can FINALLY get the 1 on 1 attention that you deserve through our highly vetted and certified professional personal trainers.

We are now also offering virtual in-home personal training through our app allowing you to follow an expert trainer on video if you’re not in the mood for a live trainer to come to your house! Sometimes, people are most comfortable without the trainer in their home and that is exactly where you can get ALL the quality of a professional trainer on video with the click of a button!

Kanthaka locations are growing. Check out how our austin personal training location has doubled in just months our how our atlanta personal trainers have completely taken over the in-home personal training market in the area.



We owe it to ourselves – In this short span of time that we are alive to truly experience what our physical bodies are capable of. To see how far we can push ourselves mentally and physically when attacking a workout, to squeeze that one last rep or add another pound of weight whilst giving it absolutely everything.

We owe it to ourselves to look better, be proud of our bodies, and have the energy to accomplish all the things we want to do in the short span of time we have on this earth. We don’t have to be bodybuilders or even gym rats, we just need to make exercise a core component of our lives. This will enrich us and allow us to experience life to the fullest and feel the joys of having the energy to conquer all the massive goals we aspire to.

And then when we look back in the mirror and all those subtle changes finally transform us into our ideal physique, it gives us joy to know that WE did that. We pushed through the doubts, limiting beliefs and the mental games our brain plays on us and achieved a strong, functional, and energetic body that will help us navigate this beautiful world.

The effects of personal training compound the more consistently we do them. The first couple of months are arguably the most difficult but also the most rewarding as we shock our bodies for the first time. Our bodies, since they have never truly experienced a stimulus of this kind respond right away and we see changes right away. Muscle and strength gains are quick to come, but in order to sustain the same rate of progress, we often must put in more effort and work.

If we stick with any personal training effort long enough, we realize that we truly love the feeling we get from an amazing workout, that it doesn’t take away energy but GIVES us energy to feel our best all day long and pushes us to eat more nutritious meals and sleep better. This is why personal training is so important. It’s not just our bodies this effects, it nourishes our mind, our wellbeing, our soul and ultimately our lives. The physical manifestation is just the tip of the ice-berg when we implement a quality personal training regimen. The mindsets, discipline, and knowledge that we obtain about ourselves is where the wealth truly shines.



At Kanthaka, we understand that personal training is a critical part of the health journey. It’s one thing to exercise, but a completely different experience to have a reliable and trustworthy fitness professional at your side who holds you accountable to accomplish all of your body transformation goals. This is where in-home personal training classes sessions from Kanthaka come into play.

Our personal training professionals keep you on track and take you from beginner to bonafide expert through consistently showing up and holding you accountable for your goals. Our personal trainers are certified experts whose passion is helping you realize the true potential of your own body through their passion for fitness. Kanthaka in-home personal trainers are reliable. They show up on time every time and show you the potential within you to truly achieve your dream body through proper exercise technique and consistency. They have been in the industry ranging from years to decades and have the experience to deal with individuals from ALL walks of life.

Kanthaka offers in-home personal training sessions along with virtual personal training session now for all the individuals that would rather get their training on through a video instead of an in-home trainer. YOU get to decide what is the best for yourself! You can pick and chose from a wide variety of fitness trainers being able to select attributes such as experience, training styles, and bio. Whether you’re at an advanced fitness level or just starting out, there are personal training professionals available for you to take you to the next level. Download the app and see for yourself!

Kanthaka personal trainers are now in 15 different locations. Texas regions are growing. Our San Antonio personal trainers have been dominating the space and are eager to revolutionize the industry. We’re also seeing tremendous growth from our Dallas personal trainers. They have been capitalizing the in-home personal training market and have doubled the number of sessions performed in the DFW area in less than 6 months.



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