The fitness and wellness marketplace continuously grows, especially in US. So if you are a trainer wondering how to become a personal trainer in Houston, we prepared the most common questions and answers to help you start today!

1. How much does a personal trainer cost in Houston?

You can charge anything between 29 to $130 per session, depending on your skill set and professional portfolio.

2. Do you need a certification to be a personal trainer in Houston, Texas?

Before getting an official license to become a trainer, you must hold a high school diploma. Therefore, to become certificated personal trainer in US, one must know how to handle emergency situations with clients, and therefore, they need to finish cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) & automated external defibrillator defibrillator (AED) qualification programs. These programs teaches fitness instructors how to identify client’s clinical injury (if any), take care of breathing emergency situations, in order to learn how to properly assist until medical emergency arrive. Automated external defibrillator & Cardiopulmonary resuscitation certificates are necessary for any fitness organization and are globally recognized. You can learn more about them here.

3. Where to find jobs as a personal trainer?

Once you got the necessary certificate and depending on your current specialization (yoga instructor or fitness trainer, or both), you can start building your career as a personal trainer by opening your own personal trainer profile on popular personal trainer apps. These apps are connecting clients and trainers in US. By opening a trainer profile on such apps, you can start getting your first clients, earn your first money and start building your career portfolio right away.

4. How to Get Started Working as a Personal Trainer in Houston, Texas?

If you are certified personal trainer, you can send your biography right here. The complete procedure will take around 10-20 minutes. As soon as you provide your information, our department is going to check your account and get in touch with you in 1-2 working days.

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