You’ve been doing an awesome job of keeping your workouts regular. You haven’t missed your after work sweat sessions for months and it feels great. But now, you’ve got a week long work trip out of town. Looks like your training schedule is about to fly out the window and all of your hard work is about to be undone. So you thinking about working out while traveling?

Actually, there’s no reason why a work trip need curtail your workout schedule. With a little planning and some good old fashioned determination, you can actually allow your change of scenery to spice up and complement, rather than derail, your training program. Here are half a dozen tips to keep fit while working away.

  1. Utilize the hotel gym – Though most hotels do have a gymnasium, many of them are rather sparsely equipped. Yet, with a little inventiveness you can maintain your regular schedule. Check their website ahead of time to see what facilities they have. If it’s not much more than a room with a rower and weight stack, consider purchasing a DVD workout, such as Insanity, and take your laptop to the gym with you.
  2. Train in Your Room – All you need for a terrific work-out is a 1-meter square space. Start with high knee jogging for 1 minute, followed by butt kicks and then sprinting in place, for a total-3 minute warm-up. Move into a giant set of push-ups, the plank, wall sits, body-weight squats and reverse dips. Repeat for 5 sets.
  3. Use the Pool – Doing laps in the hotel pool is a great way to revitalize your training. It’ll give you a great cardiovascular workout as well as working your shoulders and core to the max. Give yourself a challenging number and keep going until you hit it!
  4. Check out the Scenery – Pack your trainers and go for a twilight jog while taking in the sights of your work location. If work is going to keep you up late, pound the pavement early in the morning. If this is the only training you’ll be doing, drop after every 500 meters and pump out 25 pushups.
  5. Find a local commercial gym – Training in a new gym can be a real treat. Often you’ll find new and different pieces of equipment to train on. It’s a great way to revitalize your training and meet new people. If you’re lucky you may even find a local branch of your gym at home where you’ll be able to train for free.
  6. Keep Your Nutrition Strict – Well, semi-strict anyway. If you’re going to reach for a pastry, make sure that it’s just one. Go for the salad bar, the lean proteins and fish. Desserts don’t have to be sugar laden. Choose the fruit salads and Angel cake. And don’t go overboard on the alcohol – it, too, is full of calories.


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