Exercising regularly is one of the best things you can do for your health.

Soon after you start exercising, you’ll begin to see and feel the benefits that physical activity can have on your body and well-being.

However, working exercise into your routine takes a lot of determination, and sticking to it in the long term requires discipline.

If you’re considering starting to exercise but don’t know where to begin, this article is for you. Here’s all you need to know about starting a routine and sticking to it.

Identify your “why”

This is a huge part of staying motivated, consistent, and positive when you’re first starting to work out.

Identify why you’re ready to incorporate a regular workout program into your life and reach your goals. This might take some digging, but it’s important you hone in on a reason that’s meaningful enough to you that it’ll push you forward. Maybe it’s being able to keep up with your kids, feeling strong in your own body, or just setting aside time to focus on your own well-being.

Fitness should be about your own goals and what feels right for you. When you’re embarking on your fitness journey, it can be easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing. Remember that we all move at our own pace, and to focus on what is best and most enjoyable for you and your unique body.

Then, before you get started, you should also check with your doctor to get the green light to continue with whatever routine you are considering.

Invest in some gear

Exactly what kind of gear you need will depend on what kind of exercise program you want to try, but there are few staples that tend to be universal.

Finding a pair of comfortable, supportive athletic shoes is one of your first moves. The best way is to try on a bunch and see what feels most comfortable. If you don’t feel comfortable going to a retail store now, many online retailers offer free returns, so you can send back what doesn’t work. Another option is to connect with your local running- or athletic-shoe store—their associates can often talk you through appropriate options by phone.


Starting small means focusing on short term goals first.

Focus on one week at a time. Get in your workout for the day. Then complete the next workout. Make it a challenge to find that 15-45 minutes in your day, as often as possible, to just get more active.

Once the first week is finished, look back and take it a step further – aim for one more workout or just five additional minutes of cardio in the next week.


No pain, no gain? Should you really be pushing yourself as a beginner? Yes, but only for the sake of consistency.

Push yourself to be more active, but don’t do an exercise when you are in pain. The real battle is in your head, and it’s about getting through the first months. Once you make it a habit and learn how to perform all the exercises, it’s time to push yourself even harder in your workouts.


Avoid injury and get better results by learning from common exercise mistakes. When you start working out, it might feel overwhelming to consider so many tips on form. Focus on getting better in one exercise every couple of days, not all at once. And if you don’t feel ready to perform a certain exercise – don’t force it. There are always other options and ways to replace exercises with easier variations. Do what you can with good form and be patient: strength and endurance come with consistency!

Think about working with a personal trainer

Another option, if you feel you do need more one-on-one guidance to feel comfortable with certain moves and you can afford it, is to hire a virtual personal trainer. They will help guide you through the basics and provide individualized help.

You may want to consider booking one or two sessions with a trainer to show you some exercises to get started. They’ll be able to teach you ones that are right for your current skills and abilities, make sure your form is correct, and help ease you into your exercise.

Many gyms work with personal trainers, and should be able to connect you with one who is offering virtual appointments now, even if the gym is not open or taking clients in person.

We hope that we provided some valuable information about working out! Our office in Atlanta has made a concrete effort to help out those starting with fitness!
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