Hey there, I’m so glad that you’ve made your way to our blog. We’re embarking on an exciting journey that’s about to revolutionize the fitness space – and we’d love to have you on board.

But first, let me tell you a little about myself . . .

My husband, Philipp, and I moved from Germany to Houston Texas in 2014. We settled on Houston, Texas and immediately fell in love with the lifestyle. We quickly became the most Texan Germans you’re likely to ever meet. We now live on a ranch, have two pick up trucks, plenty of horses and an ever-growing collection of country music.

Before I started Kanthaka, I worked for 8 years as an attorney, performing Private Equity and Debt Finance work for two big US law firms. However, my real passion was and always has been fitness. No matter how many hours I worked – and I worked a lot of hours – I was always trying to get in a workout.

The problem was that I was finding it virtually impossible to find a personal trainer who could fit in with my schedule. The result was that I usually ended up skipping my scheduled workouts. The more I sat around the office, the more unhealthy I felt. My lifestyle was leading me to a place where I wasn’t happy to be, yet I felt stuck on a treadmill that I couldn’t get off.

It was the birth of my wonderful son, Tristan, which was the turning point. I decided to take the risk, follow my passion and create a better life for myself, my family and all of those people who become a part of the Kanthaka community.

I hope you’ll be one of them.
Welcome to our fitness community,

Sylvia Kampshoff

The Kanthaka Vision

My vision is to make the US a healthier, happier place, giving everybody the chance to become the best version of themselves.

With Kanthaka you can book a trainer anytime and anywhere you want with just a few tabs on our app – it’s super easy.

But Kanthaka is not just a marketplace for trainers.

Our mission is true fitness. Wherever you are, we want you to have the same great workout experience with the best trainers, who are solely focused on your goals and helping you to achieve them. If you need additional motivation, you can compete against other members of the Kanthaka family, have the chance to win great prizes and share your success stories. Great rewards will be available on the app.

Kanthaka wants to join you on your journey to becoming a better you, always focused on providing a great fitness service.

Why Kanthaka?

Kanthaka was the favorite white horse of Buddha. As both my husband and I love horses, we resonated with the name of this superb specimen of fitness, vitality and performance. Kanthaka stands for awesome fitness, as well as uniqueness, diversity and being open to different cultures and workout regimes.