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One of the many joys of getting involved in running is the chance to share your passion with other people. Running clubs are a popular destination for beginners and the more experienced runner alike, who want friendship, advice and company. So here’s our 5-point guide to why you might like to join a club and how it might help you.

The loneliness of the long distance runner

Different things inspire different people to begin their love affair with running. But what most would agree on, is how hard it can be at the start. Long, lonely runs in parks, forests, cities, or by the ocean, can be tough for the mind and soul if you’re doing it by yourself. It’s hard to stay motivated and it’s also difficult to improve your distances and times on your own. Reading a mountain of information about running is easy, but there’s nothing like being told by someone who knows, to make you sit up and take notice. Even better if they’re telling you how to do something when they’re running right next to you!


Talking to someone who has run 10 marathons is better than the forensic study of 100 training plans. It’s only when you hear the reality, the painful lessons learnt, the highs and lows, that you come to understand what you need to do. Running clubs are full of people just like you, or people that you want to be in 3 years’ time. While a lot of non-runners glaze over at the very mention of mile/kilometre splits and orthotics, fellow running club members won’t. They will love to share tips, advice, horror stories, PBs, race day experiences and injury advice. So make the most of the camaraderie and friendship of like-minded folk and learn from it. There is no better teacher than experience and having a target to aim for. Sometimes that target can be a person we admire and against whom we can regularly compete. Running clubs provide that environment. It’s also good to gauge your progress in a group, to see where you sit in the pecking order. Not only does it give you a target to aim for, but sometimes you might be pleasantly surprised to find out how quick you actually are, because you’re the person at the front of the group.


The knowledge that a group of fellow runners is meeting at the same place every week and waiting for you, can be a mighty powerful motivation. Let’s face it, when the weather is brutal, the snow is falling or it’s howling a gale, not everyone wants to hit the road. But if you’re motivated by a feeling of obligation and feel like you don’t want to keep anyone waiting, then a club can work for you. At the same time it is still possible to function as an individual! You aren’t compelled to go every week and if you feel under the weather or just don’t feel like it, that’s okay too.


You can find any number of barriers to completing a solo run—making dinner, putting the kids to bed, or hitting the snooze button one too many times. With a group, you don’t need as much willpower to get up and out. It’s harder to skip on a workout when people are waiting for you.

Access to training coaches

One of the best things about running clubs is the access to training coaches. Sure, you might have to pay a small annual or monthly fee to be part of the club to get the kit and other accessories but having access to a coach is a luxury many runners wish they had.

A coach is someone who understands great running for, designs bespoke running programmes, and gives information on proper diet and nutrition. Coaches tend to be full of wisdom and have an infectious passion for running as a sport. A coach has a simple mission. To help you run as best as you possibly can.

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