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There’s this buzz that you should always have a “Bucket List” of all those things you would love to do before the year ends. If you have one or you are planning to have one soon in the coming year, we dare you to add these adventure sports to your list and tick off them off before the year ends. Well, the experience might change you entirely.

Water Sports

Water sports are the best thing to try even if you are a beginner. Water provides enough resistance to increase the challenge. You can try water sports such as swimming, kayaking, sailing, and surfing. Well, surfing can be a bit more daring as it requires some skills. But why to be afraid if you don’t know the skills, you can still try and play with waves in the ocean.


Rock climbing is a great sport to try at least for once in your lifetime. Because of the challenge you face while climbing a rock mountain can give you a lifetime experience. Though for rock climbing also people first prepare themselves mentally and physically. But instead of doing it professionally you can try it as a normal rock climbing where you can feel the stretch in your bodies. Climbing the rock not only feels good for the physical body but it also does well mentally when you finally reach the top of the mountain.

Scuba Diving

For the love of the sea and Underwater World, this adventure sport is a beauty in itself. It is something you don’t see every other day and that makes this experience surreal. Scuba Diving in India is available mostly in the islands neighbouring India like Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep Islands and also the coastal areas of Goa, Pondicherry and Karnataka.


Trekking is one of the traditional ways of peace and harmony. Anyone can try this without having any skills. Just wander in mountains and narrow paths. The best part of trekking is staying in a camp at night in a fresh environment. Trekking not only gives you peace but also teaches you how to conquer any problems in your way. For spicing your trek, a bit more, you can ask your friends to join and make it a competition. The one who reaches the top first will win. In this way, you will make your trekking experience a bit more exciting and a sport without competition cannot be complete.


Skiing is a winter sport which is admired by many people. It is a challenging and fun sport where you will slide down a snow-covered hill with speed and air playing with your hairs. It can be an amazing experience though you need to maintain your balance while skiing. If you are a beginner, then maybe you can fall while maintaining the balance but it can also be kind of fun. Gulmarg in Kashmir is known for being the best place for skiing. So, if you are thinking of trying skiing then you know where to go.


Playing tennis is another ideal way to work your whole body out. It’s also a sport that is played and loved around the world, so it may interest you to know just what it takes to play a good game. If you commit to playing tennis at least two to three times a week, it can relieve tension, improve your mood as well as help you meet your requirements for intense aerobic activity every week.

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