1.   Why Personal Training?


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Personal training is great for everyone – not just the hard core athletes among us.

Working with a trainer is not only motivating but also creates accountability and maximizes your workout effort.  A trainer helps you to focus on your individual goals and teaches you the proper way to exercise, preventing injury and improving results.

2.    The Kanthaka App


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With Kanthaka you can book a trainer, yoga or boxing instructor to meet you virtually anywhere (our trainers come fully equipped) – in your apartment gym, hotel gym, office gym, outdoor park or any other place you would like to work out.

You pick the location, date, time, workout type, swipe through the available trainers and book the one you like best.  You can re-book the same trainer or try different trainers in future sessions.

Our App allows you to connect with your trainer 24 hours before your session via our chat system. You can purchase a single session or monthly packages of 6 or 12 sessions.

3. Great Trainers at your fingertips

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Kanthaka has a selection of excellent trainers – all of whom are personally interviewed by our team, certified in their areas of expertise, insured and – most importantly – passionate about helping you become your best self.

We attract the best of the best – we pay them more and give them a ton of flexibility. We aren’t constrained like a big gym chain.

Our client’s rank trainers on the App, ensuring your satisfaction on the quality of our trainers. Our team also performs random quality checks, just to be double certain. We want you to have a great workout – any time, any place.


4.    The Kanthaka Community


Kanthaka wants to join you on your journey to becoming a better you, always focused on providing a great fitness service.

Our mission is true fitness. Wherever you are, we want you to have the same great workout experience with the best trainers, who are solely focused on your goals and helping you to achieve them.

If you need additional motivation, you can compete against other members of the Kanthaka family, have the chance to win great prizes and share your success stories on social media via before and after pictures.

Download the Kanthaka app on the app store now, and be part of the fitness revolution!

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