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Stay active with 1 on 1 sessions with certified Yoga Instructors and Yoga Personal Trainers anywhere you want.

By practicing yoga with a personal yoga trainer, you maintain a healthier weight, become more flexible and improve your muscle tone and strength.

Yoga started in the Indus-Sarasvati civilization in Northern India over 5,000 years ago. This practice originates from the scripture of Rig Veda – part of the collection of Vedic texts containing mantras, songs, and rituals that were used by the high caste in society. It was soon refined and developed by the mystic seers and then documented with correct practices and beliefs.



The first step in the journey is about bringing your consciousness back to your body. This is where we familiarize ourselves with…. ourselves. All the body parts that have been cut off…we get to feel and face them again. Our bodies themselves are an infinite and vast reservoir of thought, feeling, and memory. The poses, known in Sanskrit as asanas are there merely to help us feel our body. Once we wake up to the sea of sensations that lie beneath the surface of our skin – our whole world changes.

Yoga promotes peace within us. It just manifests itself through physical, but it’s important not to get lost in that. We must bring our attention back to the deeper path and let the practice set us free.



How does holding a physical yoga pose, like downward dog or the dolphin nose, neurobiologically help strengthen the mind and the body?

This practice alters the chemical makeup of the blood gases and our body’s fluids that activate a relaxation response. The body shifts from a state of tension and biochemical arousal to relaxation and calmness when we implement a unique body posture and hold whilst we deeply inhale and exhale. This lowers the brain’s response to threat – arousing nerve chemicals are decreased, such as adrenaline
which stops dumping fatty acids and sugar into the bloodstream for the brain, muscle and motor energy. Our heart, muscles, and brains relax as our nerve firings decrease. Next, follows oxygenation of the blood which helps restore alkalinity balance and blood acidity further reducing blood pressure and motor activity.

All of this works synergistically on all systems of the body strengthening and elongating muscles and toning up glands, internal organs, and spine nerves. Increased blood flow also helps the digestive system to better extract nutrients from the food we consume and helps the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins from the body. Amazing isn’t it? Yet, so many people don’t realize all these benefits because its not always manifested right away. We must practice consistently in order to truly realize all these physical benefits.

But the effects are not just physical, they are mental as well.



There is a large body of research that supports yoga’s mental health benefits. It increases body awareness, relieves stress, strain, sharpens attention and concentration, centers and calms the nervous system and reduced muscle tension.

Yoga has become an important practice tool of psychotherapy and enhances social well being through a sense of belonging to others and improves symptoms of depression, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, and even sleeping disorders.

GABA – a chemical in the brain that helps regulate nerve activity has shown to be increased with the practice of yoga. Sources show that in individuals who have low levels of GABA – anxiety disorders are more likely to occur.

The mood, behavior and mindfulness of high school students taking yoga classes along with PE were shown to have markedly improved. Adults in the workplace have shown an increase in well-being and resilience as well. It’s clear that practices such as yoga, meditation, deep breathing and prayer all help to reduce and improve mindfulness, but how exactly does that happen?

Researchers have discovered that there is a “relaxation response” that accompanies these mind and body practices. The Bendon-Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine (MGH) found that the deep, physiological state of rest induced by yoga instruction improved gene expression involving immune function, energy metabolism and insulin secretion.



At Kanthaka, we understand that yoga instruction is a critical part of the health journey. It’s one thing to obtain muscle, lose fat, and feel great but it’s another to be injury free, relaxed, flexible, and connect with the spiritual side of ourselves. That’s where personal yoga trainers offered yoga classes through Kanthaka come into play.

Our yoga professionals keep you on track and take you from beginner to bonafide expert through consistently showing up and holding you accountable for your goals. The yoga instructors are certified experts whose passion is helping you realize the true potential of this amazing practice through their passion for yoga. Kanthaka Instructors are reliable. They show up on time every time and show you the potential within you to truly achieve your dream body through proper yoga technique and consistency. They have been in the industry ranging from years to decades and have the experience to deal with individuals from ALL walks of life.

Kanthaka offers in-home yoga sessions along with virtual yoga session now for all the individuals that would rather get their training on through a video instead of an in-home trainer. YOU get to decide what is the best for yourself! You can pick and chose from a wide variety of yoga trainers being able to select attributes such as experience, yoga styles, and bio. Whether you’re an advanced yoga practitioner or just starting out, there are yoga professionals available for you to take you to the next level. Download the app and see for yourself!

Kanthaka personal yoga trainers are now in 15 different locations. Texas regions are growing. Our fitness instructors in San Antonio have been dominating the space and are eager to revolutionize the industry. We’re also seeing tremendous growth from our personal trainers in dallas. They have been capitalizing the in-home personal training market and have doubled the number of sessions performed in the DFW area in less than 6 months. Similarly, our personal yoga trainers in austin have been seeing more client retention than ever before. It’s only a matter of time before all of our locations boast incredible numbers. Join us in our journey to improve the fitness experience for humanity.



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